Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Black
Kamen Rider Black or Kamen Raidda Burakku and also known as Masked Rider Black is the famous kamer rider television series starring by Tetsuo Kurata. Beside acting as Kamen Rider Black, Tetsuo Kurata also sing the opening song of Kamen Rider Black Television Series.
Kamen Rider Black which aired in Japan on 4 October, 1987 up to 9 October 1988 have 51 total episodes. Not just in Japan, Kamen Rider Black also success and very famous in other countries such as Indonesia that aired on 1993. Kamen Rider Black becomes a hero idol for children in those days.With riding battle hopper and road sectors, Kamen Rider Black fight Gorgom.

List of Kamen Rider Black Episodes (Episode 1 -51):

1. Black!! Transformation
2. Monster Party
3. Strange? Strange Cyborg
4. The Devil's Laboratory
5. Run Through the Maze, Kotaro
6. The Secret Clairvoyance Mystery
7. The Restored Organism Mecha
8. The Devil's Trill
9. Bishum's Red Lips
10. Where's Nobuhiko?
11. Starved Monsters
12. The Super Machine Legend is Born
13. Mama's the Monster Raising Official
14. The Day Tuna Disappeared
15. The Targeted Bizarre Academy
16. Friend!! Crossing the Sea
17. Kyoko's Strange Dream
18. Kensei Bilgenia!!
19. The Limit-Reaching Hellish Trap
20. Rider's Graveyard
21. Crash! Two Great Machines
22. The Black Shadow That Attacks Papa
23. Marmo's Magic Power
24. The Female College Student's Nightmare
25. The Roaring Armed Mecha
26. Save the Esper Girl
27. The Fire-Spouting Dangerous Highway
28. The Scarab That Invites Hell
29. The Trophy's a Death mask?
30. Aloha to an Assassin!
31. Burn! Boy Warriors
32. Dream Girl Yuki
33. The River of a Father and Child's Love
34. Revival?! Hell Prince
35. Showdown! Two Princes
36. The War Declaration of Love and Death
37. Memories are Yubari's Sky
38. Riddle!? The EP-Party Boy Squad
39. The Idol's Evil Power
40. The Karate Master's Secret
41. The Dangerous Time Thief
42. Tokyo - Big Monster Gathering
43. The Monster Farm's Duel!
44. The Drawer's Inner is the Sea
45. Suspicious Flower Bishum's Death
46. Grand Baraom's Death
47. The Rider Dies!
48. Oceanic Reminiscence's Bouquet
49. Fierce Fighting! Darom's Death
50. The Creation King's True Identity?
51. Gorgom's Last Day (Final Episode)